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Business Model Data transaction and advertising generates the revenue. CSR beneficiaries and My3Dom splits the Advertiser revenue. Data transaction revenue is only for My3Dom. Enterprises will pay a base fee of 0,05 € for each data transaction, which includes data transfer up to 1 Mbyte. For each incremental Mbyte the cost is 0,1 € per Mbyte plus the base fee. Assumption – In average each Customer generates 1 € in data transaction fee’s per month.

Advertisers will pay a flat fee of € 1 per lead. CSR activities receives 50% and My3Dom 50% of the Ad revenue. Assumption - In average each Customer views 20 ads per year
Customer Growth The Go-To market strategy is the basis for customer growth prediction. The customer growth will start slow. Increase exponential in the third year of operation as outlined in the table. Pic: The market situation in Europe is very similar to the Danish market, and the opportunities for penetrate the European and US markets are realistic and highly likely to be successful. Cost and Revenue
  • Continues development of the application
  • Second year and onwards development of Social-Media and Gamification
  • HR, Admin and Operation are kept at a minimum until the fourth year
  • Ad revenue sharing between My3Dom and CSR activities starts in the second year.
Costs Revenue Investment Result Revenue comes from Enterprises who requests data transaction and Advertisers requesting leads via My3Doms advertising brokering service Initial investment is mandatory. Second year of investment rounds is required to keep a positive cash flow. The growth will be exponential and My3Dom will achieve a net profit of € 3.1 million in the 3rd year.
Capitalization - Equatives and Investment Market competitive very promising Business Target Investment My3Dom is the only actor who will be able to collect and display the Customer's online identity. My3Dom has first mover advantage compared to actors like The Big Five and they are not seen as immediate competitors. Their interest is not to show Customers their online identity, in a comprehensive and transparent manner. My3Dom’s goal is to become one of the future's dominant tools for Customers. A tool that provides overview and control over their online identity both for private and commercial relationships. Overall is GDPR the basis for the customer's secure port. € 3.1 million Net profit generated by 3 years of operation. € 400.000 investment spread across the first 3 years of operations. Those figures lead to a valuation of My3Dom to € 1.5 million spread across 1 million shares. My3Dom is searching for active investors who will act as ambassadors for My3Dom. The first investment round is mandatory to start development. The second investment round will take place in the second year. Game Plan My3Dom promotion site and requirement specification has been completed. My3Dom will start an Ad broker service in the beginning of the second year of operation.

The Go-to-Market strategy for the Ad broker service will be strategy focused on the business to business segment.
The online advertising market in Denmark, had a value of € 600 million in 2016
Go-To-Market Strategy The Go-To-Marked strategy is based on the founders unprecedented knowledge and experience about online marketing. Launch of the Go-To-Market strategy takes place in parallel with the development of the application. Focus are to build awareness, promote the product and create traction to My3Dom. The Go-To-Market Strategy will contain:

Digital Marketing - Measure and track the performance of digital marketing campaigns. Digital marketing is used to promote services and products and tracking the results.

Social Media - Measure the performance of social media campaigns. Used to drive visits to a website and convert Customers into leads

SEO - Measure the performance of the website for organic search results. SEO is a core function for any marketing campaign.

Events – Promotion events for VIP guests who will act as ambassadors for My3Dom

PR - Active on national networks, Active on national networks, storytelling about the need to control our online identity

Blogs - Take part in debates related to GDPR, big brother society, and future internet topics