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Know your complete online identity On a platform, where you easily can see all the information stored about You.
  • Data spread across the internet
  • Private and Commercial intranets
  • Government and Municipal authorities
  • Healthcare
  • Legal entities and authorities
How much is that worth to you?
Do you want to pay a cup of coffee or even a cafe latte every month to see it?

MY3DOM Will Disrupt the Involuntary Online Future

Ground breaking application

My3Dom is easy to access, to use and to navigate in. My3Dom gives you a transparent and honest view of your online identity. My3Dom provides you with the tool to visualize all data stored about you - data recorded and stored by Search Engines, Social-Media, Government and Municipal authorities and Private actors. My3Dom allows you to change your online identity and claim their right to be forgotten.

Full control and authority

My3Dom allows you to create an online personal profile. The profile reflects your true identity, thus strengthening your online profile. You may choose to receive targeted advertising that matches your profile. You receive kick-back in form of reduced subscription fee and bonus points. Your personal choice of ads you receive is guaranteed. You have full control and authority always.

Social Responsibility

The foundation of My3Dom is the GDPR principles and the UN's 17 world goals for sustainable development. A Part of the advertiser revenue funds social responsible activities. It is an open community and you can meet other users with a need to take the control back. You can register using Facebook, Google+ or classic sign-up.

The invisible host of data The real gold mine is your personal data spread across the Internet. Data stored by Ecommerce Companies, Media, Search Engines, Social-Media, Service Providers. Besides, Healthcare sector, Government and Municipal authorities, the legal system and so forth. The amount of data is endless, and nobody knows exactly how much and where data is stored. April 2, 2018 Become digital surrogates? At the same time - we live and breathe for the next big thing to come. Studies depicting public opinion show that many believe that emerging technology and artificial intelligence will protect us and remove concerns about the reality in which we live. However, critics are concerned that this course of direction may result in a solitary world controlled by artificial intelligence where lives are transformed into digital surrogates in The Big Five universe. This critical concern is currently on the rise. May 21, 2009 Take the control back People begin to realize the dangers of not controlling their own online identity. Some argue that Social-Media is the cancer of our time. However, tidal changes are coming. Changes moving in the direction of people controlling their online identity. That also includes the daily digital track, they leave behind. September 28, 2016

My3Dom will disrupt the online future trend and give the control back to you October 5, 2018

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